An online store is the best move you can make whether you have a small boutique store, sell jam, cup cakes, sell jewellery or any commodity. It gives you an opportunity for your brand to have an online trail.
Social media is creating a new way for people to interact, share ideas and preferences. An online store is a wonderful way to enter this web sphere. About 17 million South Africans use the internet via their mobile phones or through computers.

E_COMM FLEXI DEAL (E-Commerce Flexible Deal) gives you the opportunity to have a high end online store with all your products. We also have packages that allow you to constantly add new stock onto your site.
Get noticed through Google Adwords and other advertising platforms like Facebook Ads.


What are you getting for R689.00/month:
  • Online Shopping: we create a complete online experience for your customers. They can browse through your inventory with additional info, create a wishlist of their favourite products, make payments for products online and share their favourite items on your online store with their friends.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is a process where we index your store and put key words for search engines like Google to list your products in search results. This makes it easy for you to be found online. Adwords increase your visibility by Google reaching your target market.
  • Social Media Integration: with over a billion people interacting on social media, having an online presence is the first step towards your products being part of this interaction. Individuals can share, like or talk about your products which can lead to free viral marketing.
  • Security: to make sure that people browse through your site with peace of mind, we apply SSL certificates to shop which encrypt information so that hackers won’t steal your clients’ personal information. Customers can also safely use their credit/cheque card details securely.
  • Analytics: each month we give you results on how many people visited your shop, from which country/city they viewed your shop from, and the devices they used to access your shop. We can also give you results on which products are viewed most on your website.
  • Updates: updating your stock or other general updates is something we can do for you with no hustles. See our updates pricing below. We make sure that your site is up to date with innovative technologies. This service is not included in the deal.
  • Online Newsletters: send new stock, sales announcements and other special offers through newsletters sent to your customers monthly. You can send newsletters on any other flexible interval. Reach new clients through newsletters. This service is not included in the deal.

Terms & Conditions:

1. A set up fee of R1, 584.00 will be applicable on signing contract (or before work commences).
2. The R689.00/month installment is due on the last day of each month for 12 months.
3. If you sign contract after the 20th day of the month your billing cycle will start on the last day of the following month. Any day between 1-19th; the billing cycle will start at the end of that month.
4. If you have an existing domain it is mandatory to transfer it to our hosting services.
5. After 12 months contract period you can choose to either retain a hosting package which will cost you R139.00/month or any of our other maintenance & updates packages from R259/month.
6. Any default on payment will result in your services being suspended. A reconnection fee of R130.00 will be added to the amount in arrears.
7. An invoice will be generated monthly upon which you can pay via EFT or Direct deposit into our bank account. Please always send proof of payment to accounts@b2go.co.za or fax the proof of payment to 086 260 6596.
8. Your new online store will be designed within seven working days from time of signing contract. (This time frame might extend due to your specific needs, however we aim to deliver your site within this time frame)
9. Google Adverts (Adwords) and Facebook adverts are charged based on a budget. The budget is determined by your specific requirements and the market you want to reach. We assist you in making these decisions and draft a budget for you, and then we activate your online marketing campaign. We charge a 10% management fee of the total marketing budget. You can get a lot of online marketing starting from as little as R600.00
10. The allocated disk space (storage) available is 5GB and Unlimited Bandwidth. More storage space is available at an extra cost if needed.
11. Each month, with your invoice, we send you a report of who is viewing your website, where they are viewing it from, the pages they are viewing and how much time they are spending on those pages. This is called web analytics.
12. If you agree with the terms & conditions and would like this deal, sign below and send a copy to sales@b2go.co.za together with your company profile or current website link. You can also fax us at 086 260 6596. If you don’t have a profile, send us a summary of your business’ background and your services. That should get the ball rolling.

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