Designer-On-Call is a product that we created for small to medium advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers and all sizes of companies that often need the services of a designer but doesn’t have the work load to employ one on a full time basis. Yet it is important to have one consistent designer who learns your systems and understands your organisation’s ethos.

With reasonable notice periods, we will make sure that your designer is available when you need them. If not, we will make sure they brief another designer on the nature of your business before that new designer is sent out to you. You cut down on orientation time and get the designer to do what you’re paying for.

Below are reasons why you should use our Designer-On-Call Product.

  • Consistency with design language
  • You save money by calling for a designer only when needed
  • Cut down on orientation time
  • Have a reliable accountability channel
  • Above all else, access to great design work


“At B2GO we are always ready to listen to those with noble goals willing to dedicate their time and efforts to uplifting the lives of others.” Leonard Masenda – MD