Design On Demand

Design On Demand

Attention is the Sum of Attraction. Respect is the Sum of Eloquence. Attention + Respect = Consideration.

Design on demand gives your business design support making sure your proposals and presentations are professionally done.

“50% of the human brain is dedicated to visual functions, and images are processed faster than text. The brain processes pictures all at once, but processes text in a linear fashion, meaning it takes much longer to obtain information from text.”

What you can use your On Demand Hours:
  • Information Graphics (Infographics): is the use of graphics to present an easy flow of information that would otherwise be monotonous to absorb in text format. Whether you are presenting tender proposals, company profiles or other proposals to your clients, infographics will have your proposal get the right attention.
  • Copyright/Sub-editing: your reports & documents need to be professionally written and presented. We do creative writing for your reports and sub-edit information you already have. Graphics will attract individuals to your documents but the quality of the content is equally important. We also do research and fact checks.
  • Newsletters & Annual Reports: we design electronic newsletters, hardcopy newsletters, magazines, and annual reports. We also design various media material that you will need to communicate with your staff and stay in touch with your clients. We do all copyrighting, design work & distribution electronically or hand delivery
  • On Demand Design Services: as a company there are other design requirements you will need. these might include advertising material, designs for web, calendars, stationery, car branding design, banners, etc. On Demand Design allows you to maintain the design integrity of your brand and your company.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The R750.00/month retainer fee is for 5 hours; time allocated for design, copyright and
subediting work. Any design time outside the allocated 5 hours for the month will be charged
at R175.00/hour under the contract.

2. If you do not use all your allocated hours within a month they are credited to the following
months and can accumulate until you require service from us.

3. The first monthly installment is effectively due from the first day the contract is signed.

4. Subsequently a R750.00/month installment is due on the first day of each month for 12 months.

5. After 12 months contract period lapses you can choose to renew the contract otherwise our
normal design rate of R350.00/hour will be effected for any design requests.

6. Any default on payment will result in your services being suspended. A fee of R750.00 will be
required before reinstituting the contract.

7. An invoice will be generated monthly upon which you can pay via EFT or Direct deposit into
our bank account. Please always send proof of payment to or fax the
proof of payment to 086 260 6596.

8. All your design requests should be sent in a brief document. We will quote you specifying the
hours we will spend on the job. If you are happy with the offer you will send us a purchase
order to accept the offer. Ordinarily it will take less than 7 working days to complete a project.
Any additional hours outside the allocated 5 hours will then be invoiced at the end of the
month. (The delivery time frame might extend due to your specific needs, however we aim to
deliver your work within this time frame)

9. If you agree with the terms & conditions and would like this deal, sign below and send a copy
to together with your company profile or current website link. You can also
fax us at 086 260 6596.

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